My Gatsby Artist event was held this past November and drew artist friends from around the country for a bliss filled weekend of shopping, dining and creating!

It was truly a feast for the eyes to see everyone dress the part in their “Gatsby” finest! 

  There were feathers and frills and beads galore and well…. WE PARTIED LIKE GATSBY!!!!

After a full day of antique and vintage shopping, we gathered for a  dessert soiree’ in my outdoor shabby shack which I transformed into a Speak Easy party palace!

  We sipped on “Deco Diva” Martinis and created our own 1920’s feathered headbands…


I had so much fun with the decor for the event… I found a lampshade and decided it would be perfect for the table centerpiece which was used throughout the weekend.  

I also hung beaded curtains and created a few hanging Gatsby Girl collages which added to the ambiance.


One of the grandest treats of all was being swooned by the amazing voice of Paula Baker… she lined up the finest of songs that left us in AWE and we ended the night doing the Charleston by the light of the candles!



Saturday morning we gathered and I taught my project which was an embellished fur collar!  Decadent and Opulent just like the Gatsby era… 

I adored seeing the ladies create their own…each one was different and unique….


And on Saturday night we had a GRAND party, just like Jay Gatsby himself would have hosted…and guess what???  We were even lucky enough to have our very own JAY GATSBY!!


He really is Randy, one of the greatest men on earth and also one of the greatest friends life has ever gifted me with.. dosen’t he look just like Leo DeCaprio in the film????  

Randy and I share such a love of The Great Gatsby story and the film, and it has fallen into place that we call each other Gatsby and Daisy…. perhaps we were  those people in another day and time..We like to think so! 🙂

Oh and how SWELL were the Gatsby Girls???  JUST DIVINE I tell you!!!


Sunday morning my dear friend and amazing artist Judy Stafford presented her project, “Daisy’s Divine Daytimer”… a calendar planner for the new year!  I love mine so much and use it every day.

Stacy had a ball creating hers!



  The weekend  also presented gifts of the grandest kinds!  Judy and I created and exchanged embellished cigarette cases…..



 And Miss Erika bought me the most amazing wine!!


As I have said in the past about all of the artist events I have presented.. there isn’t anything more incredible than gathering with like minded creative spirits for a weekend of bliss…
It is like a great explosion of  creative joy and I can hardly wait until the next time…

Until then, I wish you all a blessed and beautiful New Year!