by karen hillman designs

Karen loves all things vintage and it is mostly forgotten pieces from past eras that spark her creativity. Pearl buttons, sweet bisque dolls, religious imagery and relics, and even broken jewelry become something all new within Karen’s art studio. Many of the art pieces shown here are available for purchase. Inquire within!

forest friends

A dresser box from the 1900’s which held manicure tools is now a whimsical scene from the forest. A vintage german bisque doll turned fairy, and a sweet fawn are now an eye catching assemblage piece.


Karen’s jewelry creations mix both old and new components found through her travels around the country and abroad. Special pendants, vintage rosary beads, French and Italian prayer medals, and even antique dresser drawer hardware can be found within her one-of-a-kind pieces.


A reliquary is a container for holy relics. Karen’s travels in Italy and France and the incredibly historic and divine churches have inspired her to collect special pieces and create one of a kind reliquaries. No two are ever the same, and each one evokes a feeling of peace and serenity.

french lamp doll

Early French bedside lamp which no longer works is created into a gorgeous snow angel for holiday decor. Karen loves to design the clothing using vintage textiles and findings.

Perfume Decanter Chariot

This was a vintage gold perfume dresser decanter that now is a chariot of joy and happiness! A beautiful antique Dresden porcelain figurine that Karen found in her travels was the perfect fit. A rhinestone crown and hand-painted enamel buttons on the wheels provided the finishing touch!


A daguerreotype is a small framed piece from the 1800s-1900s that most times held a photograph of a loved one. They are small and usually have embossed velvet on the inside. They close up for easy travel so if a man or woman was in the service or traveling, they could carry it along with them. This one has a beautiful ex-voto heart and image of the blessed mother which Karen found during her travels to Italy.

Antique Shoe Assemblages

“One shoe can change your life” —Cinderella

Vintage shoes are so well made and beautiful, and so many of them are so narrow, making it not possible to wear. It seems only fitting to give them new life somehow, so Karen turns her favorite vintage shoe finds into art! Be it a child’s or a lady’s shoe, each one speaks and becomes a creation of her vision.

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