I happened upon a nursery one day and they had a most beautiful Fairy/Pixie Garden….it boasted little bonsai trees and pebbles and stones and it was…..

quite magical….

I kept the image in my mind and started to collect a few vintage pixies.  The key was finding what I imagined as the container to hold it….

 I found it!

I found some perfect components at Hobby Lobby….

And also a pretty Vintage Pink Wishing Well….

Some sweet Vintage Pixies…

And so the layout began!  The flower box is wooden so I lined it with this coconut liner you can find at Lowes or Home Depot or I have even heard you can find them at the Dollar Store!

Add potting soil and let your imagination soar! 

 I chose a few little Bonsai trees.. juniper and a ficus tree and some succulents.  Succulents are wonderful because they are drought tolerant and don’t need lots of constant watering. 

The fun part was placing the elements and Pixies and adding some embellishments to the window box.  I decided the perfect place for the wishing well was the very top of the box..there was the perfect “perch” for it…and also plenty of room to add more Pixies and small potted plants which will come soon!

It’s a happy little Pixie Garden… it took me back to creating fun little things like this with my children, both of whom now are in college… where does the time go? 

 I had the thought that before I know it, I may be doing things like this with another set of little ones… those which would be grandchildren??  Really??? No… Really?????

I loved this little project so much that I have plans for collecting  more shabby window boxes, lots of Pixies and lots more little plants…

because fairies and pixies need a place to play don’t they???     🙂 

xoxo Be Blessed!