I have been creating quite a bit this Summer!   The above photo is a sneak peek at an amazing piece I bought for $30 and transformed using a fabric medium!

I am so thrilled with the results!  It will be published in an upcoming feature called “Grunge Gone Glam”, Restoring a forgotten period piece to newfound splendor.

I have been so inspired lately to create with vintage religious items.  Something moves in my spirit when I work with old prayer cards and devotional books, etc.

 I opened up my Shabby chic Shack for a meet the artist event and filled it with more of my new creations for sale. 

This is a gorgeous Parisian perfume box I picked up and used a beautiful embroidered trim, vintage millinery and trim to make it special………

I adore making home made soaps and bath products…this is what I call my rosebud layer cake lavender soap!

I took time to work on a project for myself too.  I was gifted with this wonderful little figurine and as a photographer, I fell madly in love with it!  I had never seen one like it with the one closed eye and the little camera!  I knew I wanted to create some kind of special assemblage with her so…………

I used an old candle stick holder…..

a cool vintage camera I found in Kansas for $6.00 that I felt would be the perfect size…….

I painted them and embellished it and it came out like this!! I even had some fun decoupaging the back….

Hope you are smiling this Summer.  Take some time to relax and enjoy!!  xoxo