Spend An Afternoon with Master Artist, Debi Coules

Debi Coules is my friend, and one of my favorite and coveted artists.  If you are familiar with my artwork, you already have great knowledge as to why I am so over the top excited about having her as a guest artist at The Cozy Castle!  Debi’s work is all about enchanted, romantic and ethereal works.

Debi has a bachelors degree in Fashion Illustration and Fine Art and is known for her heartfelt paintings in Acrylic and watercolors. You can see her blissful works at www.debicoules.com

I own many vintage prints and photographic images, but I had never owned a painting before.  I always wanted one but never settled on one that I felt was quite right.  In following Debi’s work, I made the decision that I would like to commission her to bring to life, a painting I envisioned for The Cozy Castle.

We discussed it at great length… I wanted it to be something that was impressionistic but that also had a sense of realism.  I wanted it to resemble something which  I had done for many years, which was raising White Tail Deer.

Enchanted White Tail Deer

Yes…. this I did, and I did it for many years.  I was licensed by the state of Florida and I took in rescue deer, and also hand raised a few of my own.   Deer to me, are the most enchanted and beautiful creatures on this earth.  They are gentle, graceful, and enchanting.  And mine were so tame….they would run to me at the sound of my voice and eat from my hands.

Debi felt my passion and created this painting which hangs in my bedroom.  It is, and always will be one of my most cherished possessions. From now, until forever. And now it is your turn to engage and create with this amazing artist here at The Cozy Castle.

In this BEGINNER PAINTING CLASS, you will learn to paint roses and create this whimsical and precious “Life is Beautiful” hanging sign.


How wonderful it will be for you to go home and hang this special piece within your home.  I am a mixed media artist and have never painted, but this is a class that will be taught in a form that will introduce you (and me!) to painting.  I can’t wait!!

Once you have registered and paid for this class, you will receive a digital download packet and details. I consider it an honor and a blessing to have this class and artist here at The Cozy Castle and I encourage you to register and pay now!  This class will fill fast!! Dress casual and wear an apron if you wish.

Life is Beautiful with Debi Coules

Saturday, June 2nd, 2018 at 1:00 PM

$125 per person
Includes champagne and light bite treats!

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