Hello my Dear Friends!!

Please excuse and forgive my long delay in blogging!  So much has come to be, all exciting and wonderful!  I have so much to share, but let me start here with the blissful news that I have opened a sweet little art studio in Mount Dora, Florida!  

Mount Dora is a quaint town just above Orlando, and is very charming and “Someplace Special” as the city motto says!  I am 100% engulfed in my element here as the town is full of incredible artists, musicians and antique vendors I adore…

I create for a beautiful store downtown called the Secret Garden, so this is mainly my workspace but I am opening the doors for classes now and then for ladies and also for young ladies!

This has kept me ever so busy and I have so much to tell you about, but for now let me post a few photos of the joy!

I hope you can come visit someday!  I have a wonderful artist retreat event coming up in November here in Mount Dora.  Details to follow soon.  I wish you the happiest of Springtimes!