I have a fond childhood memory, and it is something I have decided to try and incorporate into my life when ever possible….  

It all started one day when I came across this..

 This is a vintage clothes pins holder, complete with a hook at the top to hang on the clothesline.  When I found this, I was flooded with the memory of my grandmother and her non-stop laundry routine!

Yes, she had a perfect working dryer, but she might as well not have had it, because every stitch of clothing was hung out back on the clothesline. 

 In the heat of Summer, the Fall of the year, and the icy cold winter…off she would go with her folding laundry cart, the wet laundry, and the damp rag with which she would wipe down every one of the lines before she hung anything. 

Not only was it clothing, but every sheet and pillow case.  I remember times when the sheets would be so stiff..almost damply frozen when she brought them inside!  And it didn’t stop there…every sheet, blanket and pillow case was then ironed.

 I remember my sister and brother and I could not believe when there was snow on the ground, but off Lillian would go in her coat and boots…to the clothes line.

But then… climbing into bed at night, after awesome Italian dinners, the fresh, beautiful smell of the bed linens…it was heaven.  It was like a mixture of sunshine and fresh air and it would lull me into a deep and precious sleep.

I decided after finding that little clothes pin holder that this was something I wanted to take the time and do when I can. 

 Now… I don’t think I can be as accomplished at ironing all the linens, as I am not the greatest at ironing you see, but I have a vintage clothesline in my yard and I have put it to use.  

Each time I go out to take the sheets in, before I fold every one, I take a long deep sniff and there I go, back to Littlestown, PA, snuggled in one of my Grandmother’s beds.

I recently just made a little purchase for myself…..

I do believe it’s just about identical to the one my Grandmother used….. isn’t is funny how little things which spur your memory from childhood can make you so happy?!

So now, once a week, I try and take the time to hang out my towels or sheets on my vintage clothes line.

I encourage you to take the time to smell the roses, (I mean the linens!)  It’s the simple things after all…. don’t you think?