The backyard garden at The Cozy Castle is a bit of a “celebration” site for me, and that celebration takes place each morning.  I throw on my garden boots and brew a cup of chai, and walk out my back door pausing on the wood deck to literally smell the roses. I just indulge in all the things that make slow mornings amazing. 

Down in the garden, I take my place on one of the little white iron benches nestled in the mist of lavender, thyme, rosemary, and trumpet flowers. I try and point out which song I’m hearing belongs to which bird and then my eyes wander from one side of the garden to the other. I delight in noticing new blooms covered in morning dew which was not present the day before. 

The Magic of a Garden

It is at this time, I sometimes actually talk out loud in sheer excitement of life…

” Oh, my gardenia has a bloom!”

“How did all of those basil flowers appear overnight?”

“Look at the color of that Angel Face Rose!”   

It is almost as though I am the audience of a beautiful daily performance.  At this time of year, I’ve cut back much of the greenery to let it primp up for the winter, which in Florida isn’t much of a change for these lovely plants.

After being captivated by the flowers, my focus then turns to the herb section of the garden. Most days I will decide which herbs to harvest according to the meals I wish to plan for the day or week.

Basil for a Caprese salad, mint for my afternoon tea, parsley for a roasted chicken…oh and let’s not forget the rosemary to steep in milk for an evening bath.

Many mornings the garden is in such full bloom that I make hand-tied bouquets to share with neighbors and friends along with a few notes of how to use the herbs. I am constantly researching the benefits of herbs and there are so many uses for them beyond food presentation.

The Cozy Castle Garden-14

My garden is a gift that keeps on giving, and I adore sharing this knowledge with others. Join us for “Star of Christmas Potted Garden Class” where we will indulge in all things homegrown!

A red pinta will be the star of the show surrounded by edible herbs which can be used in all of your holiday cooking along with rosemary, sage, Cuban oregano, and basil.

Enjoy the bliss of creating and learning about these homegrown pleasures, and take home some botanical gifts of your own. Who knows maybe it will inspire your own garden! Click below to read more about the class and register now and share a delightful holiday inspired evening.

“Star of Christmas”

A Holiday Potted Garden Workshop

Wednesday, December 6 at 6:00 PM

$45 per person
(includes all supplies and treats)

Indulge in your creativity. Indulge in your love for holidays. Indulge in the joy of decorating your home and creating something that you can enjoy for years to come!