I’ve always loved Fall more than any other season because it’s the beginning of the most joyous time of year, the holidays. It’s the start of reconnecting with our loved ones, create beautiful new memories, reliving traditions and give thanks to the wonderful life we live. 

Here at The Cozy Castle, that means officially it’s decorating season too! Though I adore my delightful town of DeLand, Florida, I grew up in Maryland where we have four wonderful seasons each year. The best of which is Fall. Each October I think about the amazing colors of crimson and gold and the changing temperatures that arrive this time of year in Maryland and the Northeast. While here in Florida, it is still in the 90’s!

My heart focuses on the beautiful change of season I remember so well as a child. Just for a brief moment, I forget about how humid and hot it is and will be for a few more months here! Finding that joy in your creativity is the sole mission of The Cozy Castle. 

The Cozy Castle is where we all come to indulge in our creativity, our senses and our joy for life! So with all this seasonal joy, I have unpacked my Fall decor boxes and began one of my favorite rituals of decorating my fireplace mantel. The Cozy Castle has only been home for a few years, so decorating for the holidays in Florida is a new memory of what’s usually an old tradition for most. 

Whenever I am decorating (especially for a season) I tend to have a vision in my head, but slowly allow it to unveil itself organically as add to it. The mantle is now decked out with rich colored leaves, velvet pumpkins, and acorn-shaped twinkle lights! Though the vision is not quite complete, I am officially ready for Fall in Florida! 

Aside from the beautiful bold colors and decor that I revel in during this time of year, I love indulging in the savory smells that come with this season too. Time for a candle shopping trip! 

There was just one problem. While shopping for Fall candles, I found that everything in the stores looked the same. There are shelves full of scented jar candles or plain colored tapers and nothing else. Ugh!

Don’t get me wrong, the candles all have wonderful scents to choose from, but in general, nothing really made one candle stand out from the rest. They were all so plain! It was disheartening. Yet, I realized, I could easily turn these simple candles into something worth talking about, something that had my personal touch. Something that I was envisioning on my fireplace mantel.

I decided to purchase some plain colored taper candles in a few sizes, a bottle of amber gold spray paint, and printed tissue paper not yet knowing what I might do. I just knew I couldn’t have boring standard candles lurking behind the beautiful decor I’d just showcased on the mantel.

By the time I got home, I knew just what to do. With a simple spray of gold around the bottom half of a few cream taper candles, they popped perfectly behind the Autumn leaves on the mantel! I was so proud of not just the way it all came together, but the simplicity and fun of not knowing what it would look like. 

I had the vision to create a new tradition when decorating The Cozy Castle decor and it included beautiful decorative candles. Now, I’ve got those and my imagination running wild with more ideas!

New Cozy Castle Traditions 

So many ideas are flowing that I’ve decided to add another tradition to this beautiful place I call home… Parties that are infused with decorating and prepping for the holidays! This is just the first of many holiday styled events that are being planned at the Cozy Castle.

Here’s an opportunity to not only indulge in your creativity but do it while you add all those special touches to your home this holiday season. Celebrate your love of Fall and the beginning of the holidays at The Cozy Castle’s first Holiday Event:

“The Glow of Fall”

Creative Candle Workshop

Saturday, November 18 at 2:00 PM

$50 per person
(includes all supplies)

Learn the process of tissue paper heat transfer as you create an elegant Fall candle to be enjoyed on your Thanksgiving Table! We’ll enjoy sipping sparkling apple cider sangria and nibbling on homemade Pumpkin Cheesecake as we listen to holiday classics, and share our stories of traditions and gratitude.

Materials: Bring a printed image that you would love to transfer onto your candle. Photos of your family, a holiday memory, or an image of beautiful scenery are great ideas to consider. All other supplies including candles and vintage finery to add are included. 

Let’s turn those ordinary store candles into something special, something personal that can be given as a gift, or adored in your own home this holiday season as you gather creating new memories with your loved ones.

Indulge in your creativity. Indulge in your love for holidays. Indulge in the joy of decorating your home and creating something that you can enjoy for years to come! 

Register here and share your ideas for images you’ll use to decorate your candles over on the Facebook Page!