Fall is simply my favorite season of all time…I feel blessed each year on my birthday because it always seems the Fall leaves are at their peak of splendor and it makes me feel like this alone, the beauty of crimson and gold, is my finest birthday gift.
This year, my friends Randy and Kevin celebrated their love and became legally married in New Hampshire.  I was honored to be the photographer and capture the joy!  The weather could not have been more picture perfect. The happy couple could not have been more debonair and handsome. Every detail was gorgeous, every word spoken, beyond heartfelt.  Before the big day, several of us gathered at my Cozy Cottage in Florida for a craft day to create the decor.  It was a fun filled creative time filled with laughter and joy!  Visit my friend Karla’s blog for a most beautiful re-cap!  Click Here:


Wishing you the best sweater weather season ever!