I do it today and every day and I encourage those I know and love to do the same.
Don’t wait, do not delay. Do it now.
I have celebrated a milestone birthday this year. 
   I have lost more friends and family members than any other year  of my life.
  This is why every fall of the year when my birthday is rounding the corner, I will try not to  fret over the number of years I am, but instead, to try and take an inventory that I am making the most of every moment, of every day.

And this fall, my birthday was the most love filled of my life!

 There was a surprise stay in a small quaint town.
 Fields and farmers markets.

 Friends who traveled for a blessed weekend of togetherness including a farm to table dinner party, vintage and antique shopping. 

There were Maryland crab cakes, and cool fireside evenings and simple pleasures…




There were special gifts that made my heart swirl with joy…




And a visit to our nations capital to partake in the bliss….







 I am blessed to share all of these things and more  with the one I call “my beloved”.. 
 A love story it is..
 We were first loves who found one another again after 30 years… we share the same birthday, one year apart, and we share the same heart and the same soul…

Among so many beautiful moments, this special birthday also included a concert to see my all time favorite songstress, Stevie Nicks. 

 Our seats were perfect, the music beyond beautiful and my heart,  rocked from the inside out.

I hope to forever live like Stevie, the gypsy that remains, who adores vintage beauty, rocks to the tune of her wild heart, and wears boots all Summer, Fall and winter long…

Best Fall, Best Birthday, Best life ever..

Blessings and love to you!