I have been asked by a magazine who is doing an upcoming feature on my work and my art studio, if I would  share a favorite quote… this is  mine….
“Don’t Dream Your Life,
This describes what this tour of Italy was for me..  if I had to sum it all up…
a dream come true.
I was ever blessed to be part of Red Shed French Antiques & European Flea Market Tours Tuscany Trip this June and quite frankly, my life is forever changed.
  You see, this was not just a “trip” or a “tour”, it was a life changing experience.  
I was the guest artist and I was able to teach my Italian inspired art project in a courtyard, under the Tuscan sun, at the most amazing place called Montestigliano.
There could not be enough time, words or photos to explain the depth of my time in Tuscany, Rome, Florence, Sienna, Chianti (and more!)  This was a white glove, attention to detail, exclusive trip.  
I am sharing some highlights with you here, but most importantly, I am sharing that in just a few days from now, I will be announcing all of the details for next year,
I am putting together all of the plans for the art projects I will be teaching, and it will once again, be the experience of a lifetime!  I hope that you will join us and 
This is a very “do-able” trip with this advance notice.  You need only secure your spot with a deposit, and then you have all year to save up for it.
I assure you, no dollar amount can be placed on this trip.  It is worth every single cent and BEYOND. 
For now, here is a peek at some of the bliss form this Summer’s trip……


The backdrop of our home away from home in Tuscany…  Can you imagine indulging in this beauty for a whole week?????


The cities we visit are breathtaking and so full of history…..

I threw my good luck coins in The Trevi Fountain in Rome…

Found vintage treasures galore on our exclusive flea and thrift shop journeys….



                 Including AWESOME Italian shoes!! :):)

Do you have any idea what this is growing wild out of the city walls??

CAPERS!!  YES CAPERS EVERYWHERE!!  Look at their beautiful flower blossom!!!

Sights and scenes, food and friends….non stop bliss

And GELATO!!!!!!!!

And the greatest tour guides one could ever imagine,Valarie and Susan…..

The Italian inspired art project I taught was a gold leaf embellished prayer heart, my take on an Italian Ex-Voto…..





The beauty everywhere you look….. is amazing.

  I count the days until I return next year and until then, I will leave you with two of my favorite images I captured…


Dreams DO come true….. see for yourself and join me this coming May in for The “Treasured Tuscany” Tour!

xoxo Karen